The telecommunications coverage in parts of the Berowra electorate is worse than in some developing countries. Julian is fighting for improved telco services and infrastructure for our community.

Julian believes every Berowra resident deserves reliable mobile coverage, stable internet access and quality customer service. 

In 2020 Julian led the #DobetterTelstra campaign to improve Telstra’s appalling service to our community. In response the Government created the Peri-Urban Mobile Plan which will deliver more telecommunications infrastructure to forgotten communities like those in the peri-urban areas of our electorate.

Fed up with poor service from Telstra, NBN and the other Telcos in 2021, Julian published an exposure draft of a Private Members Bill to increase accountability in the telco industry and improve telco services for all Australians. The Bill, supported by seventeen MPs and senators, proposed:

  • Better infrastructure
  • Better accountability for telco executives
  • Improved customer service 

You can listen to Julian’s speech on the need for more accountability in the telco industry here and read the Private Member’s Bill here.

In response to the Bill, Choice’s Alan Kirkland said: ‘It’s unacceptable for people who live in a major city like Sydney not to have mobile coverage in their home, and even worse in a bushfire-prone area. We find it puzzling that the telco industry, particularly Telstra, has been able to get away with substandard service for so long.’ 

Professor Alan Fels, former chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, agreed that more needs to be done. He said: ‘For many years the telco industry has failed to make access to mobile phone services universally available, even in a number of suburbs. Yet such access is an essential service and vital in emergencies. After waiting for so long, it is clear that the only solution is legislation, backed by sanctions compelling it.’

Julian’s work on telecommunications reform inspired many of the recommendations of the 2022 Regional Telecommunications Review. Review which held two days of hearings in our community. Chair the Hon Luke Hartsuyker commended Julian’s work highlighting the challenges faced by peri-urban communities like those in Berowra.