Statement: NACC Committee Report

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“The Coalition supports the creation of the NACC.”

“We call on the government to take up the consensus recommendations of the report of the Joint Select Committee on NACC Legislation. And the Coalition will seek to make further amendments.”

“The Labor Government talks a big game on integrity but when it comes to unions that goes out the window.”

“The NACC applies to a broad range of Australians, it’s not just parliamentarians and Canberra public servants, but also ADF, AFP, NDIS and aged care workers, any contractor or subcontractor or person working under a power under a law of the Commonwealth, but somehow it doesn’t apply to union officials exercising a power under a law of the Commonwealth. How is it that John Setka wouldn’t have to answer to this but NDIS workers around the country would?”

“The Government has been dodgy in denying there is a carveout for unions. It’s there in black and white in Sections 12 and 14.”“If it’s good enough for NDIS contractors, aged care workers and ADF members, it should be good enough for union officials. Yet again, Labor can’t help doing special deals for unions.”

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