Real Entrepreneur Mums

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With over 15,000 small businesses, Berowra is a great hub for determined entrepreneurs. One of the things I have really found since I have become the member for Berowra is the number of mums with kids who, having been in the workforce, have decided to start their own small businesses because they want to take responsibility for their families and also because of the flexibility it provides. In this vein, I met with the Hornsby Real Entrepreneur Mums community recently. Real Entrepreneur Mums fosters a supportive network of highly motivated women who drive and inspire one another as they grow their business. They are women who understand the twin challenges of running a business and running a family.

Real Entrepreneur Mums was founded in 2014 by Sophie Musumeci and Alison Valenti. The Hornsby community is led by Olivia Wilson and Ushma Dhanak. The group comes together twice a month to discuss business highlights, create referral opportunities and showcase their individual businesses, often providing hands-on experience to develop genuine understanding. Real Entrepreneur Mums comprises Pia Scott of Georgi Girl Designs, Olivia Wilson from Steps Financial, Geraldene Dobson from Hemisphere Accounting, Ushma Dhanak from Collaborate HR, Rachael Attard from Storybook Photography By Rachael, Aimee Brice from Arbonne and Prue Ram from My Decorator. It was a great visit that I had with the mums, and I wish the inspiring Hornsby community of Real Entrepreneur Mums every success as they continue to grow the local economy through their efforts in small business.

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