Reaching out to the Berowra community and those struggling to get the action they need

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On Saturday afternoon, Julian Leeser MP posted on the Berowra Community Page extending his hand to Berowra residents who are still doing it tough after the Berowra storms in December.

“I completely understand people’s frustration with the insurance processes,” said Julian Leeser.

Julian Leeser has seen firsthand the ongoing struggles of residents trying to get their homes fixed and restore normality to the lives of their families. Since the storms hit on the 20th December, he has held community forums, door-knocked and taken insurance cases to the Insurance Council.

On Saturday Julian Leeser said “I wanted to encourage anyone who has any outstanding issues with their insurance company to contact my office… and I will take the issues up with the companies.”

“Whilst I can’t guarantee an outcome, I promise to hold the insurance companies’ feet to the fire.”

The Thomas’s were one of the many families who were affected and haven’t been able to move back into their home since the storms happened. Helen Thomas reached out to Julian Leeser as a last-ditch attempt to get someone to take action.

“We went to Julian with a plea and his office listened and he has helped us and he didn’t walk away when it got tough. He understood the emotional stress,” said Helen Thomas.

Mrs Thomas said that her family are almost able to move back into their house, just four weeks after they finally received their payout from the insurance company.

“Until Julian got involved, we were going nowhere really fast. We were at our lowest. Without his help, our family wouldn’t have been able to put our life back together.”

If there is anyone who is struggling to get the assistance they need from insurers and tradespersons to get their homes and lives back to normal, give Julian Leeser’s office a call on (02) 9980 1822 or email the office at [email protected]

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