New community exercise gym for Warrina St Oval

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The Berowra community is set to receive new public exercise equipment.

The Morrison Government is providing $15,000 to the Lions Club of Berowra to assist with the supply, installation and commissioning of a six station community exercise gym in Warrina St Oval to benefit all ages of the community.

The Lions Club noticed that whilst there are a number of playgrounds for children throughout the area, there is nothing to allow other members of the community to exercise for free. Many community members cannot afford or do not want to exercise in local gyms.

“This facility will allow the Berowra community to incorporate exercise on the equipment into their walks to and from the park,” said Julian Leeser MP.

“Free gym equipment is important for our communities as it provides opportunity for residents, with a gym membership or without, to improve their wellbeing.”

“The project, when completed, will benefit all aspects of the local community,” said Graham Estreich, Vice President of the Lions Club of Berowra.

This funding will fill the gap in funding for the project. The Club has the support of two other Berowra based service clubs – The Rotary Club of Berowra and the APEX Club of Berowra. Each club will also make a contribution to the project to enable it to go forward.

The funds are provided as part of the Stronger Communities programme. For more information about the programme, visit

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