Local Breweries Soon to Benefit from Tax Changes

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Julian Leeser MP, Member for Berowra, met with local craft brewers in Mount Kuring-Gai to discuss tax changes that will enable their businesses to grow and be more sustainable.

The Government has announced they will increase the excise tax refund they provide to brewers. Previously breweries were only able to claim refunds of up to $30,000, however they will now be able to claim up to $100,000. For small businesses, this is a substantial help allowing them to hire more staff and grow. The changes will come into effect in July.

Mr Leeser met with Hawkesbury Brewing Company and Ekim Brewing Co to discuss the changes.

“Last election I promised to do everything I can to support our small businesses and families. There are 15,000 small businesses in the Berowra community and I want to see them expand, employ and thrive into the future,” said Mr Leeser.

Ekim Brewing Company’s Mike Jorgensen expressed his relief, “I’m speechless. It’s a long-held dream for a small brewer to get that kind of excise relief. The impact is unfathomable as far as cash-flow goes, from reimbursement to more employment of the people who work for me, to be able to put more tanks in and to be sustainable.”


Mark Berwick, at Hawkesbury Brewing Co. says the change will benefit the industry. “From that level of support you can expect to see job growth; you’re going to see commitment from the industry, you’re going to see more and more small breweries coming to fruition and more wonderful tasting beers.”

Around 400 Craft brewers will benefit from the Government’s tax changes.

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