Liberal Government: Helping with the Cost of Living

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Our Government is making essential investments to keep our economy growing:

Around 58,900 taxpayers in Berowra will benefit from tax relief of up to $1,500 this year, made up of the $1,080 low and middle income tax offset and a $420 cost of living tax offset.

In Berowra, 11,181 pensioners, 7,970 eligible self-funded retirees, 500 carers and 1,863 NDIS support recipients will receive a one-off cost of living payment of $250.

Australians will save 22 cents a litre every time they fill up their car for the next six months!

The Budget provides temporary, targeted and responsible cost of living relief.

Addressing cost of living pressures:

📎 A one-off $420 Cost of Living Tax Offset for over 10 million low-to-middle income earners who can get up to $1,500 from 1 July this year.

📎 For 6 months, fuel excise will be cut in half, saving 22 cents a litre. A family with two cars and fill up once a week will save $30 a week!

📎 Pensioners and eligible concession card holders will get a one-off $250 Cost of Living Payment. This will see pensioners receive more than $500 in additional support.

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