Julian Leeser Trawls for Prawns

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Every morning, before most people are even close to waking, Gary Howard is out, along with many of our local fishermen, on the beautiful Hawkesbury fishing for the best prawns in Australia.

Julian Leeser recently joined Mr Howard out on the prawn trawler, to get his hands dirty and gain a deeper understanding of what it’s like to fish for prawns on the Hawkesbury and what challenges prawn fishermen are currently facing.

The trawler left the dock at 5:30am and headed out for a day of fishing.

“Prawn fishing was an incredible experience. I couldn’t think of a more beautiful backdrop to start the morning in than the Hawkesbury,” said Julian Leeser. “Mr Howard was generous in showing me the ropes and helping me to understand more about the challenges of prawn fishing. Our prawn fisherman work incredibly hard to supply food to Australians and I’m dedicated to supporting them in every way I can.”

The industry has continued to be sustainable through the generations, each prawn can produce up to 80,000 offspring. There are however significant challenges being faced by prawn fishermen.

“Unfortunately 87% of prawns we see in the markets in Australia now are foreign imports,” said Gary Howard, “this industry is being squeezed by marine park protections on one side and cheap foreign imports on the other side.”

“I support a sustainable commercial fishing industry on the Hawkesbury,” Julian Leeser said.

“Consumers can help support the industry, by looking for our better-tasting, locally fished product. Next time you are at the fish shop, ask your fishmonger to order you some Hawkesbury River school prawns. You’ll never taste a sweeter prawn.”

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