INALA set to extend services for older people

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INALA is set to receive $15,000 from the Morrison Government to assist with the renovation and repurposing of an older building to provide a new day service to support maturing clients.

INALA has now been established for over 60 years and works to support people living with disabilities by providing individualised and flexible Day, Community and Accommodation services. In recent years, they have recognised that many clients are getting older and are now in need an alternative support option.

These clients are in need of an environment which is slower in pace and quieter, with activities and an environment which are tailored to meet their changing needs.

“This funding will assist Inala to adapt to the needs of their clients as they age, contributing to the redevelopment of their building for this important new service,” said Julian Leeser MP.

“I am proud to have an organisation such as INALA in my community. I have seen first-hand the huge difference they make to the lives of people living with disability and their families.”

The funding, provided as part of the Stronger Communities Programme, will go towards considerable works to the existing building including adapting the current bathroom to accommodate hoists and wheelchairs, and refurbishing rooms which are currently unsuitable for providing services to maturing clients.

INALA provides important services to many people with disability in our community, such as individualised and flexible Day, Community and Accommodation.

For more information about the Stronger Communities Programme, visit

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