Important information for people who have lost their jobs or sole traders struggling financially

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➡️ Important information if you have lost your job or are a sole trader whose income has been impacted:

Services Australia has launched an online ‘intent to claim’ function through myGov, making it easier to register for much needed financial support in minutes, eliminating the need to call or come into a Services Australia service centre to get the claim process underway.

Step 1: ensure your myGov account is linked to Medicare or
the ATO.

Step 2: on your myGov welcome page there should then be
a prompt to register your ‘intent to claim’.

Step 3: Services Australia will contact you to talk through the
next steps.

Helpful information:
? Claims will be backdated to when someone first tried to contact Centrelink or lodged an intent to claim.
? The eligibility has been expanded to support sole traders whose income is negatively affected by the economic impact of coronavirus.
? When you apply you will get the JobSeeker Payment and $550 fortnightly Coronavirus supplement all at once.

You can still call Centrelink to obtain a CRN, but there is no need to go into Services Australia.
? There are waiting times on the phone, and I know it is frustrating. However the government is increasing the staff numbers and working on reducing waiting times.

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