Holding Telstra to Account

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Telstra’s poor service in our electorate has been the most common source of complaint I have received since becoming an MP.

Over the last few months my concern grew when I learned how many families have been unable to teach their children at home during COVID-19, run their businesses or work from home, and when I spoke to a surgeon in our electorate who was part of the pandemic response but was without internet or phone for a month.

For too long residents have been putting up with poor coverage, extended outages, a lack of support when things go wrong, and being charged for no service.

Telecommunications is not a luxury, it is essential infrastructure.

I am calling on Telstra to invest properly in our community and to resolve the systemic problems we continue to have in receiving mobile coverage and reliable telephone lines.

I would love to hear your Telstra story too. Please write to my office, or complete the online form at www.julianleeser.com.au/hold-telstra-account so I can add to the file I have built of the problems we have experienced with Telstra.

Thanks for your support in calling on Telstra to do better for our community.

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