Fighting for Beecroft Rugby Club's Clubhouse Expansion

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Beecroft Rugby Club is an excellent sporting club in my electorate, with its headquarters in Headen Park, Thornleigh. The BRC is this year celebrating its 20th anniversary. The club was formed in 1998 when St Leo’s Old Boys Rugby and Ku-ring-gai High Old Boys merged to create Beecroft Rugby Club. The club provides quality amateur sporting competitions in our community. It is one of the youngest, strongest clubs in the suburban rugby competition. BRC has over 120 players, from ages six to17, and they play in four senior grade teams and one under-21 colts team. BRC’s junior club, the Northern Barbarians, has over 300 active players. I want to acknowledge the senior club office-bearers—the president, Ben Ashwood; the treasurer, Peter May; and the secretary, Luke Meehan—for all the work they do for the club and their community.

I met with longstanding club members Josh Bowen and Peter May at BRC’s Headen Park home ground during the festival of rugby. They told me about the club’s ambitious plans to grow rugby union participation in senior women’s 7s and young men’s competitions. But the BRC clubhouse facility at Headen Park doesn’t have capacity for current players and is jeopardising the club’s expansion plans and their ability to play in more competitions. The club want to build a second level on their existing clubhouse to upgrade the change rooms, the referee rooms, the toilets and the clubhouse to continue to accommodate the community. This would improve accessibility as well as the community experience for visiting players and spectators. I’m here to fight for a better Headen Park for everyone, and I support the Beecroft Rugby Club in their desire to do that

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