Enough. Telstra needs to fix the phones.

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Last year, I took hundreds of stories of people whose lives were being seriously impacted by Telstra’s lack of service, to the CEO of Telstra. I spent many months last year trying to work with Telstra to reach a solution to the ongoing telecommunications problems in our electorate, particularly in relation to unreliable reception and very poor customer service.

Despite the Berowra electorate being bushfire prone, Telstra refused to build any new mobile phone towers under the Federal Government’s bushfire focussed Mobile Blackspot program.

After many assurances, Telstra failed to deliver, and that is why I launched this campaign.

I have colleagues in other electorates facing similar challenges and we are also looking at ways to increase regulation on Telstra to force them to change their behaviour. But I need the community’s help in order for Telstra to realise the serious nature of the problems we have.

I am wondering if I can ask you to do two more things to help?
Would you: 
1.    Share the campaign on social media (just share the top post on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/JulianLeeserMP )
2.    Allow me to place a sign at your property, promoting the campaign. Please reply to this email with your address and we will arrange for a sign to be placed at your property in the coming fortnight. 

For more information and to sign the petition go to julianleeser.com.au/telco 

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