Diwali celebrations kicked off in Cherrybrook

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Vibrant Diwali celebrations kicked off at the Cherrybrook Village Shopping Centre on the 12th October.

Diwali is religious festival that originated in India which celebrates the triumph of good over evil, light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, hope over despair.

Julian Leeser MP attended and spoke at the event to celebrate this important festival put on by the Hindu Council of Australia.

Julian Leeser said “Diwali reaffirms the importance of hope and of good prevailing over evil and the celebration of the simple joys of life.”

There are over 6300 Indian Australians in the Berowra community. Indians, who come to Australia, bring their spirit of enterprise and set up businesses or join the workforce. Our Indian community contributes to the country and to the economy, and also brings a rich sense of community, responsibility and connection.

The relationship between Australia and India is going from strength to strength. Our government commissioned the India Economic Strategy which was developed by Peter Varghese and will act as a blue-print to unlock business opportunities that will help our nations grow together. The Government of India is producing a similar report from the Indian perspective.

Australia’s relationship with India has never been more important.

Diwali officially takes place on the 27th October this year.

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