Delivering fixed line NBN to Dangar Island

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Julian Leeser MP has confirmed that a fixed line NBN service will be delivered to Dangar Island.

“I am delighted with this excellent outcome we have achieved as a community,” said Julian Leeser MP.

“I have been proud to advocate on your behalf to hold NBN to their promise to deliver a fixed line service to Dangar Island.”

After a long process advocating for fixed line to be delivered to Dangar Island, the community was told in March by NBN that this was not possible due to the many complexities involved in installing the fixed line.

In April, after a satellite technician visited the island to conduct signal testing, Senator the Hon Fifield, Minister for Communications and the Arts, was told by NBN that the tree canopy would prevent a large number of premises from being able receive a satellite signal.

NBN Co has reviewed the technology on the island resulting in the decision to proceed with a fixed line build.

Julian Leeser says the Dangar Island community played a huge role in this outcome.

“I have repeatedly presented your case both to NBN and the Minister, but it was the strong support that I received from Dangar Island that helped demonstrate the importance of NBN reconsidering its plans.”

The process of installing the fixed line will take some time, however the NBN website will be best source of information on the timeline once the exact technology is confirmed.

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