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14 August 2020

Getting a Grip with Adelaide Stratton

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This episode explores how a young woman responded when a holiday of a lifetime ended in disaster when she was badly injured in the 2016 Nice terror attacks.

“I didn’t actually know what had happened until many, many hours after the fact but I had gone from this jovial exciting time to waking up lying on the ground. I could see some stars and I could also see a strangers face hovering over me."

When asked about how her life has changed:

“My life is quite different, but I am still the same person. I do have quite a different outlook on things now. The Adelaide before this terrorist attack, before facing death and surviving was probably a little shallow, a little caught up in the small stuff. I cared a lot about how I was perceived in the world, whereas now I have kind of realised it is really important to do what makes you happy rather than trying to fill the mould of what you think you should be doing.”

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