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14 August 2020

Getting a Grip with Matt ‘Willy’ Williams

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Corporal Matt Williams OAM has served Australia in the military in Afghanistan but his greatest challenge came when he returned to Australia and on his 22nd birthday.

“Matt ‘Willy’ Williams made such an impact on Scott Morrison that the Prime Minister spoke about him in his ANZAC Day Dawn Service address,” said Julian Leeser.

Matt Williams always knew he would end up in the defence force, from the moment he could walk and talk. “Mum has a photo of me going to kindergarten dressed up in camouflage.”

In 2014, Matt Williams was deployed to Afghanistan and served there for nine months. However, when he returned from his first deployment, he was diagnosed with brain cancer.

To hear what Matt Williams has to say about human resilience through significant personal challenges, listen to Julian Leeser MP’s podcast, Getting a Grip with Matt 'Willy' Williams.