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14 August 2020

Getting a Grip with Julian Gold

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Julian Gold was one of the leading epidemiologists who led Australia through our last major pandemic – the AIDS crisis.

“I remember seeing Dr Julian Gold nightly on the TV explaining the AIDS epidemic , like we now see Professor Brendan Murphy,” says Julian Leeser.

“People who lived through the beginning of the AIDS epidemic remember a time of great fear and I wondered what we might learn from that time in Australia’s history which would help us get through Covid. I wanted to talk to Julian Gold who was one of the key figures from that time.”

Julian Gold has had a long career dealing with infectious diseases.

Gold was the first Australian to be recruited as an Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer in the USA. They were the “CIA of epidemic services,” he said.

To hear what Julian Gold has to say about human resilience in times of crisis, listen to Julian Leeser MP’s podcast, Getting a Grip with Julian Gold.