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Australians celebrating a special birthday or wedding anniversary can receive personal congratulations from the Prime Minister, Governor-General or The Queen.


The Prime Minister will send a message of congratulations to people turning 90 years of age or more. The Queen and Governor-General will send a message on a 100th birthday. On request, the Prime Minister and the Governor-General will write again every year and The Queen will write again every five years.


The Prime Minister and Governor-General send messages to couples celebrating 50 years of marriage and subsequent wedding anniversaries. The Queen sends messages to couples celebrating 60 years of marriage and will write every five years after that on request.


You can make arrangements for anniversary messages up to two months before the celebration and you can request a belated message up to six months after the birthday or wedding anniversary has passed.  For eligible occasions, requests received within six months after the occasion will be passed to Government House in Canberra for their consideration for a belated message from The Queen.


Please complete the details below and our office will arrange the congratulatory messages for you.  We can deliver the messages directly to the recipient or to a care-of address for surprises.


Please note that you must include some proof of date for us with your request.  This can be in the form of a birth certificate (for a birthday), marriage certificate (for a wedding anniversary) or statutory declaration.  Copies do not need to be certified.

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